Augers Built For Heavy-Duty Use

Planetary Motor Auger Drives for Skid Steers & Excavators

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Are you frustrated at the higher maintenance and lower quality of many chain-reduction augers?

We believe every construction and landscape crew deserves an auger drive that is built to handle the daily wear-and-tear of the jobsite without constant maintenance.

How does our planetary motor auger help contractors and landscapers?

  • Designed and built for long-term construction use
  • A pedestal on the auger helps protect the auger drive when unattached
  • No chains involved - everything is run by hydraulic oil
  • Optional weight brackets allow for increased down-pressure
  • Dig holes faster and with minimal labor!

How would a heavy-duty auger help your crew be more efficient?

We Make The Process Simple:


Find The Right Model

We help you find the right auger drive for your specific machine and auger bits.


Find A Dealer

Purchase your auger from your local dealer, or buy online if you don’t have a dealer near you.


Dig Holes Faster!

Have peace of mind knowing your auger is designed to handle the daily wear-and-tear of construction.

Why Work With Lawsen Equipment?

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Our warranties are 5 years for auger drive and 3 years for motor

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Common-sense engineering that is easier to use

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Made in Ohio

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We size your auger correctly for your machine and auger bits

Excavator & Skid Steer Auger Specs

We manufacture a range of heavy-duty auger drives as well as auger bits designed for aggressive use.

Our skid steer auger attachments come standard with a 5-year warranty on the drive and a 3-year warranty on the motor.

Our auger bits come standard with a  1-year warranty.

OIL GPM for Augers: 6 - 35
Max Auger Diameter: 24" - 36"

lawsen equipment auger drives for skid steer

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Auger Drives

Heavy-duty auger drives with a 5-year warranty on the drive and a 3-year warranty on the motor.

OIL GPM: 6 - 35 GPM
Max Auger Diameter: 24" - 36"

Auger 2

Complete Auger Drive Units - Includes 1/2" Hose Kit & Flat Face Couplers:

Model Output Shaft Max Auger
Oil GPM Operating
A1000KH 2" HEX24"6 - 15 GPM348 LBS
A1000KR 2-9/16" ROUND24"6 - 15 GPM348 LBS
A1500KH 2" HEX30"10 - 25 GPM351 LBS
A1500KR 2-9/16" ROUND30"10 - 25 GPM351 LBS
A1900KH 2" HEX36"15 - 30 GPM354 LBS
A1900KR 2-9/16" ROUND36"15 - 30 GPM354 LBS
A2400KH 2" HEX36"20 - 35 GPM360 LBS
A2400KR 2-9/16" ROUND36"20 - 35 GPM360 LBS

Standard Duty Augers

  • Dealing with difficult ground conditions? This auger bit is specifically designed
    to deal with dirt, compacted soil, and heavy clay.
  • Available in 3 ft. and 4 ft. length with diameters from 6” up to 48”
  • Standard 2” hex collar but also available in 2” or 2 9/16” round
3-ft CDC Augers

Aggressive Duty Augers

  • This auger bit takes things to a whole new level with enhanced carbide tips to
    deal with asphalt, fractured rock, and the worst ground conditions.
  • Available in 3 ft. and 4 ft. length with diameters from 6” up to 48”
  • Standard 2” hex collar but also available in 2” or 2 9/16” round
aggressive duty auger

CDR Bullet Tooth Rock Augers

  • Designed for rock type drilling – things like frozen ground, solid and fractured rock, asphalt, and concrete.
  • This auger has a cast steel boring head, bullet-style teeth and heavy-duty single lighting.
  • Available in 3 ft and 4 ft lengths with diameters from 2” up to 36”
  • Standard 2” hex collar but also available in 2” or 2 9/16” round
CDR Bullet Tooth Augers

Stump Planers

  • Remove tree stumps of any size easy and clean with our Stump Planer attachment.
  • Available in 12” and 16” diameter, a must-have for ground preparation and maintenance jobs.
stump planer

Square Tooth Augers

  • Square teeth on this auger make it perfect for drilling fence post holes. It also has carbide tips to ensure maximum strength and toughness.
  • Available in 4” and 6“ diameter with a 2” Hex Collar
square tooth augers

Auger Extension

  • High-quality bars that extend your Auger’s maximum depth and are available from 24” to 72” with 2” hex drive.
auger extension

Increase Your Crew’s Efficiency With A Heavy-Duty Auger!

As a construction or landscaping crew, you may have experienced the problems of owning a chain-reduction auger.

Whether it’s the lower product quality or higher maintenance required, it’s frustrating when a mini skid steer auger doesn’t perform well with the typical job wear-and-tear.

That’s why we designed our planetary motor auger attachments to require minimal maintenance while performing better with daily construction or landscaping use.

At Lawsen Equipment, we know you want to be confident that your auger drive is built for long-term construction use.

To do that, you need a heavy-duty planetary motor auger that can withstand the daily use of a construction crew.

Your crew doesn’t have time or energy to dig holes by hand, worry about maintenance on chain-reduction augers, or experience project downtime if a rental company doesn’t have the right auger for your job.

Sadly, many crews have experienced the frustration that comes when time and energy is wasted due to inefficient hole-digging methods.

We believe every construction crew deserves an auger drive that is built to handle the daily wear-and-tear of the jobsite.

We understand the frustration of wasting man hours or experiencing job downtime because you don’t have the right tool to dig holes. That’s why we built a planetary motor direct-mount auger designed for heavy-duty use and minimal maintenance.

What makes our augers better designed for your crew?
Heavy-duty metal made to take the abuse of the jobsite
A pedestal on the auger cradle that helps protect the auger drive when unattached
Optional weight brackets that allow extra weight to be added for down pressure enhancement
We help you size the auger for your specific machine and the auger bits you use
5-year warranties for the auger drive and 3-year warranty on the hydraulic motor

You don’t need to worry about digging holes by hand, using low-quality augers not designed for regular construction use, or relying on a rental company.

Instead, find your auger drive today so that you can dig holes faster with minimal manual labor, reduce job downtime by not relying on rental companies, and have the correctly sized auger drive for your machine and auger bits; all while needing minimal maintenance!

You can browse our other products for skid steers and excavators, including:

Do you have more questions about our auger drives?

What is a “planetary motor auger drive”?
  • A “planetary motor auger drive” is when a drive motor is mounted directly to the drive hub, also known as the planetary gear box. There are no chains involved. The planetary has a set of gears internally for enhanced torque.
Can your augers be used on a mini excavator?
  • Yes. All of our augers can be operated by mini excavators.
Does your auger drive use a hex or round output?
  • We chose the 2” hex as a user-friendly option. Round output is available upon request.
How deep can a skid steer auger typically dig?
  • Standard augers are 48” long. The auger drive will normally fit into the hole as well, which allows a skid steer to drill up to 72” deep.
How do I size my auger drive for my skid steer?
  • First, match the hydraulic flow to your skid steer. Second, match your auger size to your auger drive.
What kind of skid steer auger do I need to go through tree roots?
  • The best auger for going through tree roots is a tungsten-tipped tooth that has aggressive digging capacities.
Can a planetary motor auger go through asphalt?
  • Yes. The planetary drive effortlessly drills through asphalt.
What tooth options do you offer for your auger drive bits?
  • Lawsen Equipment offers three options of auger drive bits:
    • Standard dirt teeth
    • Carbide-tipped dirt teeth
    • Bullet teeth for concrete
Where can I purchase a Lawsen auger drive for my skid steer?