Skid Steer Brush Cutter

The Skid Steer brush cutter attachment from Lawsen Equipment is the ultimate brush clearing tool. It can clear up to 3″ thick brush and heavy weeds with ease, thanks to its powerful tri-blade cutter system. Made with high-quality materials, it’s a reliable and durable addition to any operator’s arsenal.

  • 72″ – 3 Blade (The three blade setup makes quick work of thick brush and large area mowing)
  • 80″ – 3 Blade (Designed for maximum cutting performance and larger standard flow machines)
  • Blades are 1/2″, 18″ long and 3″ wide
Recommended Brush Diameter:
  • Up to 3″
Deck Thickness:
  • 72″ – 7 Gauge Steel Deck
  • 80″ – 7 Gauge Steel Deck and 5/8 Motor Plate
Oil Flow Rate:
  • Mid Flow (15 – 24 GPM)
  • 72″ – 1000 lbs
  • 80″ – 1300 lbs
Equipped with:
  • Tree Pusher Front Bar
  • Parker Hydraulic Hoses
  • Omni Direct Drive Motor with Internal Cross Port



  • Do not operate unless all guards are installed and in good condition
  • Never operate this attachment when bystanders are in proximity of the work area (300 ft.) that could result in minor or serious injury from flying debris


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A skid steer brush cutter is a strong and flexible tool made to clear land, manage plants, and keep landscapes neat. Its main job is to easily cut through thick plants, tall grass, small trees, and other growth in outdoor areas.

The skid steer brush cutter has strong spinning blades that quickly cut through plants. Its tough build and strong cutting power make it perfect for clearing tough areas like thick fields, paths, roadsides, and building sites.

Skid steer brush cutters are used in many industries and situations. In forestry and land management, they’re crucial for preventing fires. Skid steer brush cutters can keep pathways clear, and managing invasive plants. In farming, they help maintain fields, clear fences, and care for orchards. They’re also important for keeping public spaces neat and safe. They can be used in parks and recreational areas as well as along roadsides.

Skid steer brush cutters are versatile tools that can work with other attachments. They can team up with grapples to manage cleared plants or debris, or with mulchers to change cut plants into mulch. This helps protect the soil and prevent erosion.

Essentially, skid steer brush cutters serve as indispensable tools for transforming overgrown landscapes. With their help, such places can become beautiful, well-maintained spaces regardless of location.

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