Everything You Need To Know About Brush Grapples

If you work with a tractor, skid steer, or similar piece of equipment, you probably know the limits of a standard dirt bucket. 

A standard dirt bucket is excellent for hauling dirt, but if you are a farmer, it might be frustrating for moving large piles of compost. Or, if you are a landscaper, it’s not the greatest for clearing brush before seeding an area. 

That is why Lawsen Equipment came up with a quick attach solution for getting some of these jobs done: the brush grapple. 

Today we are here to tell you all about how a rush grapple could make your business more efficient, productive, and safe. 

Ready to get started? 

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1. What Is A Brush Grapple?


2. Five Benefits Of Using A Brush Grapple


3. What Makes Lawsen Equipment Brush Grapples Unique?

What Is A Brush Grapple?

Some jobs, like clearing land or moving big piles of manure or compost, require more than a regular skid steer or tractor bucket can offer. 

A brush grapple is a quick attach tool that helps you get these jobs done faster and more efficiently. A brush grapple has tines on the front to cut through brush or compost and a clamp to grab onto the materials so you can easily move them. 

Most brush grapples run off the hydraulic system of the equipment you attach them to.

graphic about a brush grapple

Types of grapples

You can use most types of grapples for multiple purposes, but some are designed for specific jobs. Here are a few examples: 

  • Grapple bucket - When you clear land, gathering brush in a regular bucket is hard. A grapple bucket has low sides and a clamp mechanism, so you can easily use it for gripping and moving brush. 
  • Root grapple - Probably the most versatile grapple available, root grapples have tines that dig several inches into the ground to pull up roots and debris. The result is ground that is clear of roots and sticks and ready for planting. 
  • Scrap grapple - Scrap yards find grapples useful for cleaning up scraps. Scrap grapples have solid bottoms and strong clamps for hauling large loads. They also have low sides that allow longer pieces of debris to extend over the sides. 

Uses for brush grapples 

Brush grapples can be useful when a dirt bucket wouldn’t get the job done efficiently. 

These occasions could include: 

  • Clearing brush out of an area to prep it for planting. 
  • Tearing out larger brush such as bushes and small trees. 
  • Moving compost, manure, or straw. 
  • Moving large branches or fallen trees. 
  • Cleaning up scrap in a scrap yard or after a disaster such as a hurricane. 

To sum it up, brush grapples are perfect for any scenario where you need to grab and move something you couldn’t easily move by hand or with your regular dirt bucket.

graphic with uses for a brush grapple

5 Benefits Of Using A Brush Grapple

Buying a brush grapple is an investment, and anytime you make an investment, you want to make sure it’s worthwhile. 

How could a brush grapple benefit your farm or business? 

Here are a few ways a good brush grapple could pay itself off: 

Save time and money 

Two things are always in demand at any business: time and money! 

A brush grapple helps you get jobs done faster and more efficiently, saving you time. Time saved means money saved. 

Saved time could also mean you can do more jobs, which means you can grow your business and increase your revenue. 

Save labor

 Clearing brush or rocks from a site by hand not only takes a lot of time–it can be backbreaking! 

Imagine sitting inside your skid steer operating a brush grapple instead of sweating in the sun, tearing down all the brush, or raking every rock by hand. 

If you save the energy it would take to do all the work by hand, you can put that energy toward more important things, like growing your business or improving your farm. 

Increase your equipment’s value 

Attachments like brush grapples and skid steer post drivers allow you to do more with the equipment you already have on hand. A brush grapple would enable you to accomplish more with your tractor or skid steer, increasing the usefulness and value of these pieces of equipment.

graphic about a brush grapple

Use all your land  

Do you have land on your property that you don’t use because it is too brushy or rocky? Maybe you haven’t gotten time to clear it, or it just seems like too large of a job to be worth it. 

If so, a brush grapple could enable you to clear your unusable land quickly and efficiently and turn it into functional farmland. Then you could use it to increase your profits and grow your business! 

Have fewer employees 

It only takes one employee to operate a brush grapple and clear a plot of land in a matter of hours, whereas it may take multiple employees days to clear the same amount of land. 

A brush grapple allows you to cut down on the number of employees you need and enables your existing employees to work more efficiently. That saves you time and money for wages. 

Alternatively, it could also allow you to work more efficiently and grow your business, allowing you to hire more employees and grow even more.

What Makes Lawsen Equipment Brush Grapples Unique?

You can see that a quality brush grapple could make your farm or landscaping business more efficient and help you grow. 

But what makes a quality brush grapple? More specifically, what makes Lawsen brush grapples stand apart from the crowd? 

Here are a few ways we make our brush grapples unique:

Common sense engineering 

We design our equipment with the end user in mind, avoiding extra gadgets or complicated fastening systems. Our products should be simple and easy to use–if you are familiar with hydraulics, you should be able to hook up our brush grapples in a matter of minutes.

graphic about Lawsen brush grapples

Protected hydraulics 

To avoid extra maintenance for you, we design our brush grapples with protected hydraulic components and proper gusseting. With good care, your brush grapple should hold up to any job! 

Optimal operator view 

To safely operate equipment, you must be able to see what is happening at all times. We keep this in mind and design our equipment for optimal visibility. 

Made in Ohio 

There may be a cheaper, off-shore version of brush grapple you could buy. But buying on-shore is usually better because it’s easier to get replacement parts if something breaks, and it supports the local economy. 

All our products are manufactured right here in Ohio!


If you are frustrated with the inefficiency of a regular dirt bucket or trying to clear land or move compost by hand, you should consider investing in a brush grapple. 

Imagine–how could an efficient brush grapple make your business more efficient? 

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