Small Size, Big Impact: Maximizing Productivity with Mini Skid Steer Attachments

If you run a farm, landscaping company, or other business, you want it to operate as efficiently as possible. 

That means you want your equipment to be useful for a wide variety of different tasks, so you can maximize your physical space and monetary investment. 

At Lawsen Equipment, we understand how important it is to make the most of the equipment you invest in so you can run a profitable business. That is why we make useful attachments for skid steers, mini skid steers, and excavators that enable you to do more with your machines. 

Today we’ll dive into all the ins and outs of mini skid steers and what you can accomplish with them. (Spoiler: it’s a lot more than you think!) 

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What Is A Mini Skid Steer

1. What is a Mini Skid Steer?

What Are The Benefits Of Mini Skid Steers

2. What Are The Benefits of Mini Skid Steers?

What Can You Do With A Mini Skid Steer

3. What Can You do With a Mini Skid Steer?

What Is A Mini Skid Steer?

Mini skid steers are pretty self-explanatory–they are tiny skid steers! You can call them what you like (mini skid steer, mini track loader, compact utility loader, or CUL), but in essence, they are just tiny skid steers built for the same types of jobs. 

There are slight differences between mini and regular skid steers besides size. For instance, on a mini skid steer, the operator stands on a platform on the back instead of sitting in a cab. This makes it easier to mount and dismount a mini skid steer. But both types of machines are built to accomplish the same types of tasks. 

Each size can be better in its own way, depending on the situation. For instance, moving a small pile of dirt is easy for a mini skid steer, but a huge mountain of dirt would require a regular-sized machine. What size of skid steer is best for you is a question only you can answer.

What Are The Benefits Of Mini Skid Steers?

So if both regular and mini skid steers are built for the same purpose, what is the advantage of owning a mini skid steer rather than a standard-sized one? 

That is a fair question. Here are a few of the advantages mini skid steers have over regular ones: 

More maneuverable

If you are working on a job site with tight corners, small doorways, or lots of equipment cluttering the space, it’s much easier to get around with a smaller vehicle. You can take a mini skid steer to places you could never drive a full-sized machine. 

If you have a landscaping job in a small yard or materials to transport through a crowded warehouse or job site, a mini skid steer can save the day! 

mini skid steer can save the day

Better visibility 

You generally have better visibility standing on the back of a mini skid steer than sitting in the cab of a regular one since you are not in an enclosed cab and can see 360 degrees around you. In some situations, that kind of visibility increases the safety of you and your crew. 

Easier to mount and dismount

On a mini skid steer, you can easily step on and off the machine in a second or two and, say, remove an obstacle from in front of you, load more material into your bucket, or check if your load is staying put. This can be pretty handy sometimes!   

Take less storage space

If you have limited storage or trailer space for your equipment, you probably want to maximize every inch of it. 

This is another situation when a mini skid steer can be a great choice because you can do almost all the same tasks with a mini skid steer as with a regular, but the mini will take up less space on your trailer or in your shop. 

Typically less expensive

Of course, it depends on the make and model, but mini skid steers tend to be less expensive to purchase than full-sized ones. Seeing as they can accomplish almost everything a full-size machine can, they could be a pretty good investment! 

Can eliminate the need for wheelbarrows

Since mini skid steers are so small, they can go almost anywhere a wheelbarrow could, so they can often eliminate the need for wheelbarrows on your job site. That means eliminating a lot of backbreaking work for you and your crew! 

Downside: Less safe

Mini skid steers aren’t superior in every way, of course. 

Mini skid steers aren’t quite as safe to operate as full-sized ones, as you stand on the back instead of sitting in an enclosed cab. That means there is more risk of injuries while operating a mini skid steer.

What Can You Do With A Mini Skid Steer?

You can see that, depending on your situation, mini skid steers have their advantages and could be an excellent choice for your business. 

Now the question is: what can you do with a mini skid steer? 

The answer is–quite a lot! You can accomplish a lot of the same tasks with a mini skid steer that you could with a full-size skid steer. However, there is a catch–you can accomplish much more with your mini skid steer if you purchase some quality attachments. 

Skid steer attachments help you accomplish more tasks with your existing machinery, so you can maximize it to its fullest potential. 

Let us give you some examples of what different types of attachments help you get done: 

Auger drives

Auger drives come in handy for construction and landscaping. Their primary purpose is to dig holes in the ground quickly and easily, sort of like a big, strong drill bit for the ground. 

This attachment is phenomenal for digging holes for fence posts, trees, or signs. It eliminates the need for shovels and makes a perfect hole every time. Anyone who needs to dig a lot of holes would greatly benefit from an auger drive on a mini skid steer.  


Mini skid steer buckets serve various tasks that involve lifting and carrying material such as dirt, gravel, or debris. A mini skid steer with a bucket attachment is sort of like a super strong shovel with wheels. In some circumstances, you can even use them to dig, just like a big shovel! 

A mini skid steer bucket attachment might come in handy for lots of things: cleaning animal pens, transporting landscaping supplies, digging dirt, and even shoveling snow! 

bucket attachment

Concrete breakers

If you have rock, concrete, or other hard materials to break, a concrete breaker attachment is the attachment for you! This attachment resembles a giant jackhammer that can easily break concrete or bedrock into manageable pieces. 

It could be used in construction for breaking up old foundations, sidewalks, and pavements. It’s also useful in landscaping for breaking up paths, stepping stones, or drainage systems. It can even be used for road repairs! 


Mini skid steer grapple attachments are commonly used in landscaping, construction, farming, or general property upkeep. They are designed to handle things like rocks, benches, and trash. 

Grapples are like big jaws that hold things tightly, enabling you to lift and move them. With a grapple, you can quickly clear away fallen trees, move park benches around, or dispose of heavy rocks or concrete blocks. You can also move things like hay bales or large sacks of animal feed. 

Pallet forks

Do you have a lot of pallets to move? A mini skid steer with a pallet fork attachment is just the thing to help you get the job done!

Pallet forks attach to the front of your mini skid steer, enabling you to move pallets quickly and easily. A mini skid steer with pallet forks can be especially helpful in tight spaces where a larger pallet jack might not be able to maneuver, such as an exceptionally crowded warehouse or tiny shop. 

The Bottom Line

So there you have it! You can accomplish a lot more with a mini skid steer than you thought you could (move park benches and hay bales, drill holes, break concrete, and so much more!), provided you have the right attachment for the job. 

If you would like to buy attachments that make your mini skid steer more efficient, give us a call at Lawsen Equipment. 

We manufacture quality attachments for skid steers, mini skid steers, and excavators. Our line of attachments includes the following: 

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