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Vibrating Post Drivers for Excavators

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Is your current excavator post pounding equipment making you frustrated with wasted time, split posts, and safety concerns?

We believe every farmer, rancher, and contractor who uses an excavator deserves a post driver designed with the end-user in mind that pounds posts quickly and safely!

How did a focus on user experience help us develop a better post pounder for excavators?

  • It provides a clear view of sight during the whole pounding process
  • Hydraulic hoses are protected during use and hooking/unhooking
  • No extra gadgets or electronics to break
  • Has a quality powder-coat finish
  • We help you find the driver that best fits your specific machine
  • No pinched fingers
  • Models available for excavators

How would a safer excavator post driver
help your business or farm be more efficient?

We Make The Process Simple:


Find The Right Model

We help you find the driver designed for your specific excavator.


Purchase Your Driver

Purchase your post driver from your local dealer, or buy online if you don’t have a dealer near you.


Pound Posts Faster!

Enjoy the increased safety and speed on your next post-pounding job.

Why Work With Lawsen Equipment?

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2-year warranty on our post drivers

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Common-sense engineering that is easy to use

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Made in Ohio

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Less maintenance issues with protected hydraulic hoses and a powder-coat finish

C - Series Post Drivers for Your Excavator

This post driver attaches to a skid steer or excavator by using the adapter that fits your machine with the assistance of only two pins. It drives posts and breaks concrete with the same kind of efficiency!

OIL GPM: 5.2 - 26
Energy Class: 500 - 1500 FT-LBS

lawsen equipment c-series post driver

C - Series Post Driver / Concrete Breaker:

Model Post Pad
Oil GPM Operating
L - 53C6" ID2"1,200 PSI5.2 - 13.2550 LBS500 FT LBS
L - 68C8" ID2.75"2,500 PSI10.5 - 191,200 LBS750 FT LBS
L - 75C9" ID3"2,500 PSI13 - 241,800 LBS1,000 FT LBS
L - 85C10" ID3.375"2,500 PSI16 - 262,000 LBS1,500 FT LBS
excavator adapters


  • TC-CEA - Excavator adapter with pins
  • TC-BEA - Blank excavator adapter

*Adapters can be mounted on either side or top of the driver

Additional Options:

  • Auger System
  • Swivel - 30 degree swivel feature
  • Extension - 24" - 60" post driver extension
  • T-Post Pad - (1.75" - 2.375" ID)
  • Pipe & T-Post Pad - (4" ID)
  • Flat Post Pad - (9" - 11" ID)

Get More Done With An Efficient & Safe Excavator Post Driver!

As a contractor, farmer, rancher, or someone else who pounds a lot of posts with an excavator, you may have experienced the frustration with many hydraulic post pounders in today's market.

Split or crooked posts, safety concerns, bad hydraulic hose placement - the list could go on.

That’s why we started our post pounder design with the end-user in mind to make one of the safest and most efficient post drivers on the market!

We also offer a variety of mini skid steer attachments for sale - check them out today if you own a Vermeer, Ditch Witch, or Dingo!

At Lawsen Equipment, we comprehend your yearning for unwavering assurance when it comes to investing in a post driver.

To fulfill this, you require an adept, secure, and uncomplicated vibratory post driver meticulously tailored to your distinct machinery.

Time and resources are precious commodities, and the tribulations triggered by drop-hammer post drivers are unwelcome: jeopardized safety, impaired visibility during pounding, and the squandering of materials due to posts veering off-course or splintering. Such frustrations lead to diminished efficacy and mounting exasperation.

We ardently advocate that each farmer, rancher, and contractor merits a post driver that is thoughtfully fashioned with the end-user as the focal point – a tool that rapidly and securely anchors posts in place.

We are acutely aware of the vexation arising from conventional drop-hammer post drivers that engender time and material wastage. This is precisely why we undertook the innovative challenge of reverse-engineering our vibratory post driver, with the user experience at its core, aimed at optimizing safety, productivity, and user-friendliness.

How did this unwavering commitment to the user experience give rise to an enhanced post driver?

  • No extravagant contraptions or vulnerable electronics prone to malfunction
  • Precision-designed for unobstructed visibility throughout the entire pounding process
  • Safeguarding hydraulic hoses during deployment and connection/disconnection from your machine
  • Adorned with a premium powder-coat finish for lasting durability
  • We guide you to the driver that seamlessly suits your specific machinery

This amalgamation culminates in a post driver that redefines ease and safety of operation, accompanied by our standard 2-year warranty.

Bid farewell to concerns of time squandered, compromised post materials, the hazard of pinched hands, or the quagmire of maintenance linked to suboptimal hose placement or electronic glitches.

Instead, seize the moment to procure your post driver today and witness an exponential surge in post-pounding efficiency. Attain unparalleled post alignment with pinpoint precision, mitigate the occurrence of fractures and splintering, and curtail safety apprehensions – all orchestrated through intuitive engineering that effortlessly caters to your needs!

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