Augers Built For Heavy-Duty Use

Planetary Motor Auger Drives for Skid Steers in North Dakota

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Are you frustrated at the higher maintenance and lower quality of many chain-reduction augers?

We believe every construction and landscape crew in North Dakota deserves an auger drive that is built to handle the daily wear-and-tear of the jobsite without constant maintenance.

How does the right planetary motor auger help North Dakota contractors and landscapers?

  • Designed and built for long-term construction use
  • A pedestal on the auger helps protect the auger drive when unattached
  • No chains involved - everything is run by hydraulic oil
  • Optional weight brackets allow for increased down-pressure
  • Dig holes faster and with minimal labor!

How would a heavy-duty auger help your crew be more efficient?

We Make The Process Simple:


Find The Right Model

We help you find the right auger drive for your specific machine and auger bits.


Purchase your auger

Buy your auger online, and we will ship it to your North Dakota location.


Dig Holes Faster!

Have peace of mind knowing your auger is designed to handle the daily wear-and-tear of construction.

Why Work With Lawsen Equipment?

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Our warranties are 5 years for auger drive and 3 years for motor

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Common-sense engineering that is easier to use

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Made in the United States (Ohio)

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We size your auger correctly for your machine and auger bits

Skid Steer Augers For Sale in North Dakota

We manufacture a range of heavy-duty auger drives as well as auger bits designed for aggressive use.

Our skid steer auger attachments come standard with a 5-year warranty on the drive and a 3-year warranty on the motor.

Our auger bits come standard with a  1-year warranty.

OIL GPM for Augers: 6 - 35
Max Auger Diameter: 24" - 36"

lawsen equipment auger drives for skid steer

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Auger Drives

Heavy-duty auger drives with a 5-year warranty on the drive and a 3-year warranty on the motor.

OIL GPM: 6 - 35 GPM
Max Auger Diameter: 24" - 36"

Auger 2

Complete Auger Drive Units - Includes 1/2" Hose Kit & Flat Face Couplers:

Model Output Shaft Max Auger
Oil GPM Operating
A1000KH 2" HEX24"6 - 15 GPM348 LBS
A1000KR 2-9/16" ROUND24"6 - 15 GPM348 LBS
A1500KH 2" HEX30"10 - 25 GPM351 LBS
A1500KR 2-9/16" ROUND30"10 - 25 GPM351 LBS
A1900KH 2" HEX36"15 - 30 GPM354 LBS
A1900KR 2-9/16" ROUND36"15 - 30 GPM354 LBS
A2400KH 2" HEX36"20 - 35 GPM360 LBS
A2400KR 2-9/16" ROUND36"20 - 35 GPM360 LBS

Standard Duty Augers

  • Dealing with difficult ground conditions? This auger bit is specifically designed
    to deal with dirt, compacted soil, and heavy clay.
  • Available in 3 ft. and 4 ft. length with diameters from 6” up to 48”
  • Standard 2” hex collar but also available in 2” or 2 9/16” round
3-ft CDC Augers

Aggressive Duty Augers

  • This auger bit takes things to a whole new level with enhanced carbide tips to
    deal with asphalt, fractured rock, and the worst ground conditions.
  • Available in 3 ft. and 4 ft. length with diameters from 6” up to 48”
  • Standard 2” hex collar but also available in 2” or 2 9/16” round
aggressive duty auger

CDR Bullet Tooth Rock Augers

  • Designed for rock type drilling – things like frozen ground, solid and fractured rock, asphalt, and concrete.
  • This auger has a cast steel boring head, bullet-style teeth and heavy-duty single lighting.
  • Available in 3 ft and 4 ft lengths with diameters from 2” up to 36”
  • Standard 2” hex collar but also available in 2” or 2 9/16” round
CDR Bullet Tooth Augers

Stump Planers

  • Remove tree stumps of any size easy and clean with our Stump Planer attachment.
  • Available in 12” and 16” diameter, a must-have for ground preparation and maintenance jobs.
stump planer

Heavy-Duty Auger Drives in North Dakota

As a construction or landscaping crew working in North Dakota, you may have experienced the problems of owning a chain-reduction auger.

Whether it’s the lower product quality or higher maintenance required, it’s frustrating when a mini skid steer auger doesn’t perform well with the typical job wear-and-tear.

That’s why we designed our planetary motor auger attachments to require minimal maintenance while performing better with daily construction or landscaping use.

If you run a landscaping business or farm in North Dakota, you are probably on a constant hunt for ways to run your business more efficiently. 

After all, the more efficient your business is, the more you can get done, and the more you can grow.

At Lawsen Equipment, we understand why you want to run your business smartly. That is why we manufacture quality attachments for skid steers, including hydraulic post drivers, concrete breakers, and brush grapples. Our attachments enable you to do more with your equipment and work more efficiently. 

Give us a call today to order yours! 

If your business is located in North Dakota, you already know about some of the attractions that make North Dakota unique, which include: 

  • Dakota Zoo 
  • Knife River Indian Villages Historic Site 
  • Fargo-Moorehead Visitors Center 
  • Red River Zoo 
  • Ralph Englestad Arena 
  • Theodore Roosevelt National Park 
  • Bonanzaville 
  • Scandinavian Heritage Park 
  • University of North Dakota 
  • North Dakota State Capitol Building 
  • Fargo Air Museum 
  • Flood Memorial Monument 

And much more in the beautiful state of North Dakota! You can also find all sorts of outdoor adventures to experience in the state’s rugged prairies and steppes.  

Bordered by the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, North Dakota is located on the northern border of the United States. Some say that the geographic center of North America is located in North Dakota–the town of Rugby. 

North Dakota is the 19th largest state in terms of square mileage, but with a population of less than 780,000, it is the fourth least populous state in the USA. Its capital, Bismarck, accounts for nearly a fifth of its total population. Almost half of the residents in North Dakota live in rural areas. 

The state was originally inhabited by multiple Native America Tribes, one of which was the Dakota Sioux, from which the state got its name. 

North Dakota is located in the Great Plains region. Its geography mainly consists of broad prairies, steppes, temperate savanna, badlands, and farmlands. The state is rich in natural resources such as oil, which contribute to its economic development. 

Do you want to visit North Dakota? says this to anyone who wants to visit: 

Explore our scenic rolling plains and rugged Badlands from the comfort of your vehicle, on a horse or mountain bike. Our state is expanding as a prominent location for those seeking an opportunity with vibrant communities that offer boundless experiences statewide. For example, Census 2020 results indicated McKenzie County as the fastest-growing county in the nation while our state is simultaneously growing younger with an average median below the U.S.

Our climate supports year-round recreation with more than 200 days of sunshine annually and an average high temperature of 82 degrees in the summer and 65 degrees in the early fall. Innovation is changing our agriculture and energy industries. Our fertile soil, lush pastures and rich geology allow us to feed and fuel the world with leading production while providing a mosaic of colors throughout the state.

As travelers increasingly seek out unique vacation destinations, it’s no surprise that fewer crowds, more room to roam, and places to relax are driving visitors like you to North Dakota.

Be sure to stop in to visit North Dakota sometime! 

If you run a business in North Dakota and would like to buy attachments for your tractor or skid steer, give us a call at Lawsen Equipment. 

We serve all areas in the state, including the major cities in North Dakota: 

Fargo, Bismarck, Grand Forks, Minot, West Fargo, Williston, Dickinson, Mandan, Jamestown, Watford City, Wahpeton, Devils Lake, Valley City, Minot AFB, Grafton, Lincoln, Horace, Beulah, Stanley, New Town 

And all other cities and towns in North Dakota. We look forward to hearing from you! 

We serve all counties in North Dakota:

Adams County, Barnes County, Benson County, Billings County, Bottineau County, Bowman County, Burke County, Burleigh County, Cass County, Cavalier County, Dickey County, Divide County, Dunn County, Eddy County, Emmons County, Foster County, Golden Valley County, Grand Forks County, Grant County, Griggs County, Hettinger County, Kidder County, Lamoure County, Logan County, McHenry County, McIntosh County, McKenzie County, McLean County, Mercer County, Morton County, Mountrail County, Nelson County, Oliver County, Pembina County, Pierce County, Ramsey County, Ransom County, Renville County, Richland County, Rolette County, Sargent County, Sheridan County, Sioux County, Slope County, Stark County, Steele County, Stutsman County, Towner County, Trail County, Walsh County, Ward County, Wells County, and Williams County.

We also serve all cities in the state, including:

Fargo, Bismarck, Grand Forks, Minot, West Fargo, Williston, Dickinson, Mandan, Jamestown, Wahpeton, Devils Lake, Valley City, Watford City, Lincoln, Grafton, Horace, Beulah, New Town, Rugby, Casselton, Stanley, Hazen, Bottineau, Lisbon, Tioga, Carrington, Langdon, Oakes, Mayville, Hillsboro, Harvey, Garrison, Bowman, Park River, Mapleton, New Rockford, Surrey, Washburn, Burlington, Larimore, Cavalier, Rolla, Cando, Thompson, Ellendale, Velva Crosby, Linton, Hettinger, New Salem, and more.

We sell and ship our post drivers throughout the entire United States. States we serve include:

Not sure if we serve your area? Please fill out our quote request form, and we will let you know!